Engineering perfection is only part of the deal. The rest is the after-sales service of Interrep Services. Expert advice and support as well as maintenance, overhaul, revisions, and repairs of all types of turbomachinery can be guaranteed.

Preventive maintenance of turbomachinery and its applicable auxiliary drives and transmissions is the key to successful and reliable operation.
The process offers the customer several advantages in the long run. Even parts that show signs of wear can be repaired, treated or replaced directly if available.

For example, long-term procurement of spare parts can be procured until the next shutdown of the plant and then replaced. Dependent is the need of the machine parts. Further advantages are the cleaning of all process relevant machine parts which could increase the productivity, or the realignment of rotors and couplings which guarantee a reliable and trouble-free operation of the plant.
The world-wide high demands on mobile and stationary high-performance transmissions challenged several gear manufacturers around the globe by constant research and development of the gearing out to meet today’s current requirements.
Gears that have been ground with profile and longitudinal corrections fulfill the previously calculated working deformations under load in order to obtain an optimal tooth contact pattern.

Interrep Services has developed into a global specialist in transmissions, gears and gear couplings through many years of hands-on experience. A global consultant who ensures the ultimate solution in maintaining the right quality and trouble-free operation.

Interrep provides the following service:

Supervision of new gearbox installations, erection and commissioning, routine periodic maintenance inspections on-site, overhauls and repairs including bearing/rotating equipment replacement. Start-up assistance/set-up verification condition reporting and analysis.