Born on July 9, 1955, I grew up with three sisters in Gerlafingen. After graduating from high school 6 years primary and 3 years secondary school, I completed an apprenticeship as a machinery mechanic in then the largest steel mill factory ”Von Roll AG” in Switzerland.

After my apprenticeship I joined Escher Wyss AG in Zurich. After a thorough training in turbomachinery and completion of the compulsory military training, I initially started as a greenhorn to get into the Turbo-mechanic life with maintenance and repair work of the worldwide-established rotating and Turbomachinery equipment.


End of the seventies Sulzer Bros. acquired Escher Wyss AG, 1980 I moved to Sulzer Bros. Ltd. in South Africa as a local service representative. After expiration of my contractual time in South Africa, I returned back to Switzerland and joined Maag Zahnräder AG which was 1997 sold to the Danish company FLSmith, known as today’s FLSmidth Maag Gear AG.

1987, I had the opportunity to participate in the construction of a service agencies in the USA. I moved to North Branford CT in order to establish the sales and service representation. After only 2 years, I went back to Switzerland and led for the MAAG Gear AG of Switzerland various construction project throughout the world.

At the beginning of 1995, I revised the internal mechanics manual for the product range gears and gear manufacturing of the MAAG Gear products. I was responsible for the recruitment of new service technicians and led the internal training course of the new employees.

2002, MAAG Gear AG received the order for the first CODAG gear drive system of the new frigates of the Royal Norwegian Navy. I took over the internal project management, and led the assembly of the prototype up to including a successfully factory acceptance test.

CODAG gear drive system

This followed by the order of the US Navy, to develop a drive system for the new Littoral Combat Ship (LCS ships). In cooperation with General Electric in Boston, I took over the technical support and the quality control right through to the delivery of the gear drive system to Marinette Marine Corp. Where the first prototype of the LCS class were built and tested. At the end of 2008 the first LCS ship ”USS Freedom” was taken over by the US Navy and left the construction yard MMC to begin its service.

2009 I signed a contract for the plant management of the hydroelectric power plant in Bannwil Switzerland. I was responsible for three Kaplan turbines with a total capacity of 27 MW/h, 3 water locks and 4 pump stations.

Hydroelectric power plant in Bannwil Switzerland

Not only the operation and maintenance of the plant was a daily challenge, even the commercial part demanded a lot of experience in order to be able to comply with the annual budget.

In mid-2018, I decided to start my own business as a senior consultant engineer for rotating machinery equipment, marine propulsion systems and with special expertise in the field of gear technology and its application in general, to pass on my skills and my now how to the industrial world.