Couplings and Alignments


The purpose of a clutch is to connect two independent supported shaft systems and transmit a torque that can cause radial and axial shaft displacement during operation. Maintaining the allowable displacement is the key to extending the life of the coupling and minimizing the vibration of the entire shaft line.

Alignment figures only applies to the displacement values that are usually calculated by the Engineering dept.

If, in exceptional cases, no setpoint values or actual values are available, the respective operating conditions with regard to thermal expansion and shaft misalignment of the individual machines must be determined.
Interrep Service can determine the appropriate values to ensure low vibration and reliable operating condition.

Laser measurement methods will become more general and practical in the future. The results are sometimes questionable depending on the system (both shafts must be rotatable), but they are absolutely reasonable compared to the usual practice.

Interrep provides the following service:

Interrep Services has developed a great deal of knowledge through many years of practical experience in alignment procedures. A global consultant who will provide the appropriate alignment and displacement values to ensure the appropriate quality and ensure trouble-free long-life operation of the equipment.